Pedestrian Plan


 Wendell's Pedestrian Plan 

Wendell was awarded a grant by the NC Department of Transportation in 2016 to complete a Town-Wide Pedestrian Plan. It will guide the planning and implementation of pedestrian improvement projects as Wendell moves forward. The overall goal of the Pedestrian Plan is to assess current conditions and recommend policies and programs to make walking more desirable. The finished plan recognized the crucial role that walking plays in creating an attractive, accessible, safe and healthy Town. 

The Town was presented with a plan that prioritized recommendations for policies, projects and programs that will improve the walkability, health, economy, and mobility of our community. 

What kind of Pedestrian Plans are we talking about? 

  • Sidewalks (new and improvements) 
  • Greenways and multi-use paths 
  • Crosswalks 
  • Pedestrian signals 
  • Lighting
  • Landscaping 
  • Redesign of Areas