Wendell bringing Fiber to Town!

Wendell bringing Fiber to the Town!

The Town of Wendell is preparing for the installation of an internal fiber optic network that will operate as the backbone to meet the Town’s internal telecommunications needs.The network’s base is planned within the calendar year and extended phases are to follow. This network could lead to future high-speed Internet access for local residents and businesses.  The ability to use the network beyond the Town’s initial internal usage is being explored. Innovative plans are being considered for expanded usage to propel business growth.  Other municipalities in Wake County are currently in talks with providers to deliver faster, better and cheaper internet access upon the implementation of the internal fiber network.  Wendell is working with CTC Technology and Energy to explore every avenue that will sustain Wendell in the fiber race while encouraging economic development.

The Town Board is driving the fiber installation initiative to establish Wendell as a great place to live, work, and play.  The fiber network will start as a communications network for the Town while laying the groundwork for internet service providers to strengthen the connections for commercial and residential customers. 
Wendell Fiber Map 2015