Wake County Solid Waste facilities open Sunday, 9/16/2018

All Wake County Solid Waste facilities will be open, subject to hurricane damage.
Due to weather-related closures on Friday and Saturday and to provide disposal services to Wake County municipalities and residents, the County will be opening the South Wake Landfill (as well as the East Wake Transfer Station and all Convenience Centers) on Sunday, Sept. 16, subject to damage from the hurricane.
The landfill and transfer station are typically closed on Sundays, but are being opened to accommodate this unusual circumstance. Current plans are to return to normal operations on Monday, Sept. 17.
A listing of acceptable and unacceptable items for the Convenience Centers is available at:  http://www.wakegov.com/recycling/division/facilities/Pages/cc.aspx

Wake County offices, libraries, and parks remain closed [Sunday, 9/16/2018].

Additional News Updates for Wake County available at:  http://www.wakegov.com/hurricane/Pages/default.aspx