Sale of Surplus Personal Property by Electronic Auction: September 9th

The Town of Wendell has identified the following personal property owned by the Town as no longer necessary for the conduct of public business.  The items have a total fair market value less than $30,000. All items have been declared as surplus.


  • 1996 Ford ¾ ton pickup
  • 2009 Dodge Charger
  • (3) weed eaters (usable parts salvaged)
  • (2) backpack blowers (non-functioning)
  • (1) Auger head (non-functioning)
  • (1) metal file cabinet


North Carolina General Statute 160A-270 allows for the Wendell Town Board of Commissioners to sell personal property by electronic auction upon adoption of a resolution authorizing the appropriate official to dispose of the property. The Resolution was adopted at the August 26, 2019 Town Board of Commissioners meeting. 

The Town has provided the required public notice for the surplus items on the Town's website in accordance with NC GS 160A-270(c).  The surplus items will be posted on www.GovDeals for auction following the 10-day public notice period on or after September 9, 2019.