Fall Baseball and Softball Registration is now! Deadline is July 10th.

Fall Youth Baseball and Softball registration is up and running.  We are now accepting registration forms for kids ages 6-14.  Please note that our Fall registration cut-off dates are a little different than the Spring season.  Fall was designed for everyone to move up and see the next level of play that they will be in for the upcoming Spring season.  For example, if your child played in 7-8 coach pitch this season and they played as an 8 year old, they will now be playing kid pitch in the 9-10 year old league.  We calculate their age using 2015 for the year.  Therefore, all girls will use January 1, 2015 and all boys will use May 1, 2015 as their cut-off date.  I hope this helps explain our Fall season.  Please don’t let the age group scare you away from signing your child up to play. 

We call the league age groups:

7-8 boys, but it is really 6-7 boys
9-10 boys, but it is really 8-9 boys
11-12 boys, but it is really 10-11 boys
13-14 boys, but it is really 12-13 boys
8U girls, but it is really 6-7 girls
10U girls, but it is really 8-9 girls
12U girls, but it is really 10-11 girls

The deadline to register is July 10, 2014.  You can begin by signing up online by clicking this address:  https://secure.leaguepilot.com/go/2017 and then following the online screen request or print off the registration form attached with this email. 

The registration fee will be $45.00 for Wendell Residents and $65.00 for Non-Residents. 

Practices are scheduled to begin the 2nd week of August and the games are scheduled to begin the 1st week of September. 

Due to the small number of teams in the Fall, we are required to travel to other towns to play. 

Also, for those parents that are toying between playing Football or Baseball, we suggest that you pick just one.  It really is tough for parents and the kids to make both.