2022 Christmas Decorating Competition - Winners and Maps of Submissions

The Christmas Decorating Competition submission deadline has passed, and the votes are IN! See below for maps of all submissions, as well as the winners. Click on each map to print a copy, then visit downtown to grab a bite to eat and some hot cocoa before taking the family around Wendell to see the lights! 


The Awards were as follows: 

Simply Blush 1

Best Business Award - 2 N. Main Street (Simply Blush)

Misfit Award

Misfit Award: Best Inflatables - 302 E. Haywood St. 

Griswold Award: Most Lights - 1749 Iron Mill Dr. 

Classic Christmas

Classic Christmas Award: Best Traditional Decorations - 641 Commander Dr. 


Map East page 1

Map East page 2

Map North and Central page 1

Map North and Central page 2

Map West