Simply Blush Mural

Simply Blush

"Simply Blush Murals" 

By: Betsy Peters Rascoe 

2&4 N. Main Street 

Betsy Peters Rascoe is a native of Wilson, NC who is proud of her strong roots in eastern North Carolina. She graduated from NC State College of Design with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design. As the lead exhibit engineer at Design Dimension Inc., Betsy loves the challenge of finding new ways to tell a story. Her passion is educating and engaging an audience through design. 

“I’m an exhibit designer by trade with a passion for watercolors. I am inspired by my roots in eastern North Carolina – a place filled with beautiful landscapes, colorful culture, and a loving and supportive community. My work, primarily commission, is filled with subjects that are centered around family, memories, life moments, and places of peace.” –Betsy Peters Roscoe.

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