Pollinators Mural

Pollinators Mural


By: Matthew Willey 

Bearded Bee Brewing Company, 20 E. Campen Street 

Matthew Willey is the founder of The Good of the Hive, a global art project and organization that encourages active engagement around planetary health issues through art, bees, and storytelling. Dictated by Willey's personal experience, The Good of the Hive promotes awareness of the connectedness of human and planetary health, much in the same way that the health of individual bees is dictated by the health of the hive they inhabit.
Envisioned as a 20-year project, its goal is to paint a total of 50,000 bees--the average number of bees in a healthy hive--across dozens and dozens of murals across the United States and the world. So far, Willey has created 35 individual murals and art installations featuring over 8,600 hand-painted bees.

For more information about the project, visit the organization's website here.