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The purpose of this Policy is to establish framework for the acceptance of donations by the Town of Wendell, the acceptance and use of donations, and donor recognition.

Acceptance and Use of Donations:

  1. Donations must be for purposes consistent with the Town’s Strategic Goals and Initiatives, programs, service and activities and must be deemed to be in the public interest of the Town.
  2. The Town may elect to accept or decline any donation. If the gift is not accepted, the donor shall be advised of the reason.
  3. The Town cannot accept donations from individuals or organizations currently in litigation against the Town.
  4. Donations of land may be accepted, following G.S. 160A-11.
  5. Donations of real or personal property may be accepted, following G.S. 160A-12.
  6. Donations below $1,000 may be approved by the Town Manager; any donations over $1,000 must be approved by the Board of Commissioners.

Donation Funds:

  1. Monetary donations will be used for the beautification of Town property through public art, aesthetic improvements or efforts in line with the Town’s Strategic Goals and Initiatives.
  2. The Town must retain active control over the use of donated funds.
  3. The Town shall not accept donations that are conditional upon the endorsement of any product, service or supplier.
  4. Donors may request donated funds be used for a specific purpose, as long as the Town has statutory authority over that purpose. Donations may be declined from any donor or any purpose that is not in alignment with the Town’s Strategic Goals and Initiatives.
  5. Donors may provide suggested uses of funds through the donation form, however, a committee made up of a representative from each Town department will determine the best use of funds received.
  6. There shall be no time limit to when donated funds must be spent.

Donor Recognition:

  1. Donors will receive recognition from the Town through a letter signed by the Mayor, and through annual recognition at a Board of Commissioners meeting.
  2. Donors may request recognition of an individual through the donation form located on the Town’s website or at Town Hall. Recognition should be inclusive and in no way should exclude or intimidate any person or groups.
  3. Recognition does not include advertising and disqualifies a gift as a donation.

Please complete the form below and submit to Town staff via mail or in person at 15 E. Fourth Street, Wendell, NC 27591, or via email to

Acceptance of Donations Form