E Campen Row Public Event & Parking Project

The E Campen Row project provides improved parking areas designed as flexible areas for parking, events, and outdoor seating in the Campen Street area between Main Street and Pine Street. The project also improves pedestrian connectivity between the two streets. After the project kick off in 2019, the Town contracted with WithersRavanel to handle project design, and JMT to handle project construction. 

A public meeting was held in the spring of 2020, where concept boards were shared, and feedback from the community and neighboring busineses was collected to help inform project design. By late spring, design work was completed:

Construction kicked off in late spring, and despite delays related to the weather, and the COVID-19 pandemic, work is expected to be completed in the summer of 2020.

As part of the project, the Town of Wendell contracted with Matthew Wiley, from The Good of the Hive, to paint a mural on the Perry's building wall.  Work will take place in August 2020.