Meet the Board

From Left to Right:  Commissioner Jason Joyner, Commissioner John Boyette, Commissioner David Myrick, Mayor Virginia Gray, Mayor Pro-Tem Jon Lutz, Commissioner Ben Carroll

Wendell Town Board

Mayor Virginia Gray Home: (919) 365-4794  Term expires: 12/2019    
Mayor Pro Tem Jon Lutz  Cell: (919) 600-8163 Term expires: 12/2021    
Commissioner John Boyette Cell: (919) 625-0785 Term expires: 12/2021    
Commissioner Ben Carroll  Cell: (919) 616-1440 Term expires: 12/2019    
Commissioner Jason Joyner Cell: (252)-904-4381 Term Expires: 12/2021    
Commissioner David Myrick Cell: (919) 621-6920 Term Expires: 12/2019    

For a comprehensive list of the Town of Wendell's past Mayors, Town Commissioners, Town Managers, and Police Chiefs, click here.

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