WOW! Wendell's Outstanding Workers Award


Beginning in June 2019, an employee, department head or citizen may recognize a Town of Wendell employee for going the extra mile, having an idea that improved a work process, set a good example for others, handled a challenging situation or exemplified stellar service! 

The criteria for the WOW! Award is as follows: 

  • Department heads may nominate a group of employees who exemplified stellar service for the Town. 
  • Anonymous nominations will not be considered. 
  • An employee may be nominated more than once a year and is eligible to receive the WOW Award more than once a year. 
  • The employee being nominated must be a Full-Time Employee in good standing. 
  • The employee must have completed the probationary period of six months from their start date. 
  • The employee's exemplary act of service must have occurred within three months of the submission for consideration. 
  • The employee being nominated can not be a Manager or a Department Head.

Each month, the Employee Committee will review the nominations and select one (sometimes two) deserving employees for recognition. The Town Manager will visit the employee(s) and present them with the WOW! Award. A photo and a short write-up for the employee(s) receiving the WOW Award will be posted on the Town's website. 

The WOW! Award remains with the employee for one month before it rotates to the next deserving employee. An Employee Committee member will pick up the WOW! Award so that it is available for the next deserving employee. 

Employees receiving the WOW! Award between December and November become the pool of candidates for Annual Employee Recognition Awards: Team Player, Customer Service, and Oliver Award at the Employee Christmas Banquet.