Annual Team Player Award

Thank you Team Player

The candidate for the Team Player Award will be from the pool of employees recognized as an Employee of the Month through the WOW! Award and is distributed annually. The winner of the Team Player Award will be recognized at the Employee Christmas Banquet. 

Criteria includes: 

  • Must be a Full-Time employee 
  • Good standing
  • Completed the probationary period of six months from initial start date

The Qualities Exhibited by a Team Player: 

  • Reliable: count on them to get the job done; meets deadlines; keeps their word and provides consistent, quality work. 
  • Communicates with Confidence: communicates ideas honestly and clearly and respects the views and opinions of others on the team. 
  • Exceeds Goals: does more than is asked; comes up with creative ideas; takes on more responsibilities and extra initiatives. 
  • Adapts quickly and easily: adapts to changing situations; doesn't get stressed or complain; is flexible. 
  • Displays genuine commitment: takes the time to build work relationships with other team members while displaying a genuine passion and commitment toward their team.