Annual Oliver Award

Oliver Award WF TY

The candidate for the Oliver Award will be from the pool of employees recognized as an Employee of the Month through the WOW! Award and is distributed annually. The winner of the Oliver Award will be recognized at the Employee Christmas Banquet. 

Criteria includes:

  • Must have been employed with the Town for at least one year as of October. 
  • Must be a Full-Time employee. 
  • Good standing 
  • Any job classification except for manager, town clerk, department heads and part-time employees. 
  • Previous Team Player recipients are eligible. 
  • Previous Customer Service recipients are eligible. 
  • Ineligible to win back-to-back Oliver Award. 

The Qualities Exhibited for the Oliver Award:

  • The employee is productive, one who is committed and possesses quality in carrying out responsibilities for the Town. 
  • The employee is an asset to the organization, as well as to the department. 
  • The employee is enthusiastic and is willing to take up more initiatives and accepts more of tasks apart from the regular job routine. 
  • The employee is punctual and dependable in reporting duties. They complete assignments on time and also take on additional responsibilities. 
  • The employee has a positive eye on work responsibilities, customers and colleagues, and serves as a role model for others. 
  • Delivers exemplary service in daily work and also a notable contribution to the department. 
  • The employee has the willingness to work in a team setting.
  • The employee is an expert individual in knowledge and experience within the department.