Annual Employee Recognition

 Annual Recognition

All employees receiving the WOW Award are recognized during the Employee Christmas Banquet. Employees receiving the WOW award throughout the year are the pool of candidates for one of the Annual Employee Recognition Awards at the Employee Christmas Banquet. 

Annual Employee Recognition Awards Include: 

  • Team Player 
  • Customer Service 
  • Oliver Award

The chair of the Employee Committee will submit the nomination forms of each employee recognized from December through November to the Town manager after the recognition of the November Employee of the Month. 

The Annual Employee Recognition Committee includes: 

  • Town Manager 
  • Planning Director
  • Finance Director
  • Police Chief 
  • Parks and Recreation Director 
  • Public Works Director 
  • Previous Oliver Award recipient

The Annual Employee Recognition Committee will meet prior to the Thanksgiving Holiday and will review and select for the following Annual Employee Recognition Awards: 

  • Team Player
  • Customer Service
  • Oliver Award

After the Annual Employee Recognition Committee selects the recipients for each of the annual awards, the Town Manager and Finance Director will collaborate on the trophies to be awarded during the Employee Christmas Banquet.