Employee of the Month Nomination Form


Employee of the Month Nomination Form

Town of Wendell employees take pride in serving our small and charming community! 
Recognizing there are great employees providing service to our residents and guests, an Employee of the Month recognition program – WOW! [Wendell’s Outstanding Workers!] begins June 2019. 
An employee or citizen may recognize a Town of Wendell employee for going the extra mile, having an idea that improved a work process, set a good example for others, handled a challenging situation or exemplified stellar service!
 It’s as easy as completing the online nominating form below.

Using the criteria below, describe the nominee's efforts in going the extra mile, how they improved a work process or displayed stellar service within our community! Please be specific including names, places, times, details of that WOW moment, or the substantial impact made within the workplace and/or community!

A specific action or WOW! moment within the last 3 months is required for consideration of the WOW! Award.
Nominated by: (Anonymous nominations will not be considered for Employee of the Month recognition)

Thank you for taking the time to recognize a member of our Town of Wendell family for their outstanding efforts within the workplace and/or our community! We will be in contact with you in the event that there is more information needed.