Planning Board

The Planning Board is a citizen advisory board elected by the Board of Commissioners. The Planning Board shall review and make recommendations on Text Amendments and Rezonings; and render opinions on all issues and petitions related to the Ordinance and other land use plans which require approval by the Board of Commissioners.

Member Name Term Expires
Brad Jordan [ETJ] June 30, 2024
Matthew Meinig June 30, 2026
J. Harold Broadwell, II June 30, 2024
Bradley Taylor June 30, 2025
Tevis High [ETJ]  June 30, 2024
Adam Kendall King  June 30, 2024
Tina Cheek June 30, 2025
Phillip Veasley June 30, 2025
Benjamin R. Griffin June 30, 2025

Staff Liaison: Bryan Coates at (919) 366-6888,

Membership and Terms of Office

The Planning Board consists of nine members.  Based on the proportionality of residents in the Town and residents in the Extraterritorial Jurisdiction (ETJ), seven members of the board shall reside within the corporate limits and two members shall reside in the Town’s ETJ. 

Representatives from within the corporate limits shall be appointed by the Wendell Board of Commissioners.  Representatives from the ETJ shall be recommended by the Wendell Board of Commissioners to the Wake County Board of Commissioners for appointment.

In-town members shall be appointed for three-year staggered terms.  ETJ representatives shall be appointed for a two-year term.  Either class of representative may be appointed for a consecutive term, but after two consecutive terms a member shall be ineligible for reappointment until one calendar year has elapsed from the date of termination of the second term.  A list of current members of the Planning Board can be found below.


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