Special Event Application

Special events are an important part of the Town of Wendell. Special events can produce endless benefits such as personal, social and economic growth and development, as well social and environmental awareness.

When determining the appropriateness of holding a special event in collaboration with the Town of Wendell or located on Town-owned or leased property or public rights-of-way, several items need to be considered as outlined in the Special Events Policy. The Special Event Application process helps staff determine if the Town has the resources and ability to meet the needs of the event to ensure safety and security of all participants.

Approval of a special event will be considered once a completed application has been received, reviewed and evaluated by the appropriate Town staff and it has been decided that use of public space and allocation of public resources are appropriate. Priority will be given to Town-hosted or sponsored events, and preference will be given to successful events that are recurring. Please note submittal does not mean approval, and it is recommended events are not promoted until approval is received.

Please review the Special Events Guide for the Town of Wendell, which includes the Special Events Policy, Application and other information that will be necessary to plan, coordinate and receive approval for your event.

Special Events Guide

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