Wendell Brochure Cover 2016

Downtown Wendell is a picturesque and historical business district, which is centrally located within the Town's corporate limits. In 1998, this area was listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to its unique heritage and historic qualities. Downtown Wendell is home to a wide variety of businesses ranging from restaurants and retail to light manufacturing and service-based businesses. The citizens of Wendell truly value the quality of life that Downtown Wendell brings to their community, and have taken great strides over the years to protect the integrity of this hidden gem. As Wendell looks toward the future, it is imperative that the historic commercial district play an integral role in defining the town's identity. Please view the downtown Wendell brochure for more information and resources. 

In 2007, the Town of Wendell Board of Commissioners adopted a Comprehensive Plan, which outlines a long range planning strategy for the enhancement and expansion of the existing central business district. Included in the adopted Comprehensive Plan is a ‘Downtown Conceptual Plan’, which illustrates the town’s future vision of Downtown Wendell. The complete Comprehensive Plan can be viewed on the Town of Wendell Planning Department  webpage.There are many opportunities within this area for redevelopment, new development, and utilization of existing commercial space. The Wendell Comprehensive Plan, many recommendations were made regarding the downtown historic district.  As outlined within the Plan, the following provides an overview of goals and initiatives defined for downtown:  

  • Take advantage of "great opportunities" to develop and redevelop mixed-use, office, retail, and residential uses, including conversion of old buildings.
  • Provide higher-density residential options including upscale condos.
  • Encourage more activities and destinations such as: restaurants (including those that serve alcohol), nighttime activity, entertainment options (theater, galleries, live music, and festivals).
  • Protect the historic character of downtown: Town Square, historic homes and streetscapes, Old Post Office, horse stables, large trees, historic churches.
  • Use models of development and redevelopment such as: downtown Selma, downtown Wake Forest, Glenwood South in Raleigh, Cameron Village, Meadowmont, Wilmington, and Newberry, SC.