Yard Waste

2022-2023 Waste Collection Map and Schedule Link

In 2020, GFL through their contract with the Town of Wendell, began picking up yard waste each week in cans. Yard waste is collected at the same day as trash pickup.

For limb pickup outside of what fits in a yard waste can, each household can request a special pickup from Public Works for extenuating circumstances no more than 3 times per year, by calling 919-365-4822, ext. 315 prior to putting any debris at the curb. Contractor-generated debris will not be accepted. 

The Town's pre-collection practices ordinance states that behind the existing curbline of the street or where no such curbline exists, the grass clippings and leaves shall be placed off the street pavement and between the roadside ditch and property line.

Frequently Asked Questions


How often will my yard waste can be picked up?
Yard waste cans are collected at the same day as trash pickup.  Your yard waste can should be at the curb with your trash can by 6 a.m. Please be sure the lid is closed, or your can cannot be picked up.

What is accepted in the yard waste can?
Grass clippings, leaves, small limbs and branches. No trash, dirt, mulch, or rocks please!

What happens if I keep putting yard waste at the curb outside of the can?
Yard waste will no longer be picked up weekly outside of the yard waste can supplied by  GFL. Residents who do will receive a warning note from Compliance. Unresolved violations may result in a citation. 

What happens if I have more leaves than what fits in the can?
Public Works conducts annual leaf pickup during two week periods in November, December, and January.

What about hurricane season? 
Public works will schedule additional pickups in the event of a significant weather event.

What if I don't want my yard waste can?
Some residents may already have yard maintenance covered by their HOA or a landscaping company. Call GFL at (919) 394-8801 to have your can picked up if you don't need it.  

Who do I call to report a missed yard waste can pickup?
Please call GFL at 919-394-8801 for missed yard waste can pickups. If the matter is not resolved same day, please contact Public Works at (919) 365-4822