Yard Waste

 Residential yard waste (vegetative matter such as grass clippings, brush, leaves and limbs), is collected weekly at the curb.

Yard waste may be collected on a different schedule during a holiday or after a major storm.

Please help protect the safety of our collectors and ensure your yard waste is collected on time by following these guidelines:

  • Place yard waste at the curb by 7 a.m. on Monday’s for weekly pick up.
  • Place debris pile away from light poles, overhead power lines, mailboxes and parked vehicles.
  • Place limbs, bushes, large plants, hedge clippings, twigs and shrubs in separate piles from leaves and grass clippings. Remove root systems from trees, large plants, hedges and shrubs and properly dispose before placing in piles for collection.
  • Place yard waste in loose piles at the curb, not in containers, paper bags or trash bags.
  • Limbs should not exceed 12 feet in length and should be stacked with the main trunks placed parallel (same direction) to the street.
  • The maximum volume of curbside yard waste for regular collection at each home on one day cannot exceed four cubic yards (6 feet long by 3 feet wide by 6 feet tall).

Yard waste contained in plastic bags or mixed with soil (dirt), stumps, mulch, metal, rocks and trash will NOT be collected.

Property owners are responsible for disposal of yard waste debris generated by a hired contractor. It will not be picked up by the town.

Christmas Tree Collection
The Town collects Christmas trees during its weekly yard waste collection at no additional charge.