Leaf Collection 2023-2024

Recognizing leaf season produces an excess amount of yard waste, the Public Works Department will be running additional yard waste pickups in November, December and January. Check the schedule below for dates to put excess leaves at the curb: 

 Leaf Collection Calendar 2023-2024

During the time noted in yellow, our crews will be working every available hour to collect the leaves throughout our Town. Please assist us with maintaining this service by keeping piles limited to leaves only as detailed below in the question section. Our goal is to provide a premier service that also aligns with the Town's stormwater initiative which strives to keep our streets, storm sewers and waterways clean and clear. We appreciate you partnering with us! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • When can I put my leaves out at the curb?

Leaves should be placed at the curb by 7 a.m. on the following Mondays:

         -November 6 & 13

         -December 4 & 11

         -January 8 & 15

  • What can I put at the curb on those dates? 

 Only leaves should be put at the curb. All other grass clippings, branches and yard waste should be put in the yard waste bin. 

  • Will yard waste bins still be picked up? 

Yes! Yard waste bins will be picked up each Monday, as usual. Bins should be filled first with branches, grass clippings and leaves, then any excess leaves can be put at the curb on the dates listed above. 

  • Is it okay to place leaves near the storm drains?       

No, keep your piles as far from our storm drains as possible. Oftentimes, rain and wind can cause leaves to enter the drains if they are close and may cause flooding if the pipes become clogged. Keep piles away from the drains please.             

  • What happens if I park near my leaf pile?  

Public Works can only get as close as is safe when collecting the leaves. If piles are near vehicles, utility poles, or mailboxes, we will only be able to collect what is safe to vacuum up. 3 feet away from vehicles, utilities and mailboxes is a good rule. Please do not cover fire hydrants, cable boxes, or other items with your leaf piles.