Household Garbage


All residents in Wendell will have their household garbage picked up on MONDAY.  The recycle pickup schedule will be every other Monday.

To receive solid waste service, all containers should be placed at curbside no earlier than 7:00 AM on Sunday. For scenic and health reasons, containers cannot be placed at curbside earlier than 7:00 AM the day before pick-up and should not be left at curbside later than 7:00 AM the day following pick-up. If your cart is placed at curbside as outlined above and your garbage is missed, call Public Works and we will contact Waste Industries to get it picked up as soon as possible.

 CURBSIDE GARBAGE is the bagged household waste that is generated from normal everyday living. It includes the waste accumulation and byproducts of animal or vegetable foodstuffs resulting from the preparation, use, cooking, processing and handling of food, or other matter which is subject to decomposition, decay, breakdown or the generation of noxious or offensive gases and odors, or which during or after decay, may serve as breeding or feeding material for flies, insects or animals. These non-recyclable household waste items are to be stored inside the Town-provided roll-out containers and placed out weekly for collection and disposal. This service is provided by Waste Industries, Inc.

***Please note: Sharp objects such as hypodermic needles/syringes must be placed in a sealed, puncture-proof container (examples: detergent bottle or coffee can) prior disposal.***