Waste Collection/Recycling

Town of Wendell contracts with GFL to dispose of household solid waste inside the corporate limits of Wendell. The solid waste fee is billed on the utility statement. Trash and Yard Waste are picked up weekly. Recycling is picked up every other week. For damaged cans, please call GFL at 919-534-3701.

Business and Commercial:

Business and Commercial entities should contact the solid waste provider of their choice for service. 

New In Town Residents:

When you contact the City of Raleigh billing department for water service, you are automatically added to the solid waste collection service.  However, if the home is new construction, you will need to call GFL at 919-534-3701 to have the address added for service and to have carts delivered. 


Wendell 2022-2023 Collection Map: 

Map for 2022-2023 Waste/Recycling Collection

Monday A-Week Collection Schedule: 

Monday A-Week Collection Schedule 2022-23

Monday B-Week Collection Schedule: 

Monday B-Week Waste Collection Calendar

Tuesday A-Week Collection Schedule: 

Tuesday A-Week Schedule 2022-23