Street Maintenance

The Town of Wendell performs routine street maintenance and sidewalk repair on a routine basis, weather permitting. 

Report potholes, storm drainage back-ups and other repairs to town-owned streets through TellWendell, or by calling Public Works at 919-365-4822.

Snow and Ice Removal

The primary goal of the Town of Wendell snow removal is to keep major roadways passable for emergency response vehicles.  For thoroughfares, when the roads are not safe due to weather conditions, the Town will declare a "Weather Emergency" and request drivers to stay off roadways until appropriate steps can be taken.  For up-to-date notification, please check the website, or the Town of Wendell Facebook page.  

The priority of street clearing/treating is as follows:

  • Transportation corridors                                   
  • Connector Streets
  • Municipal Facilities
  • Downtown Business
  • Residential Streets


Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping is an integral part of our Storm Water Plan to reduce pollutants and sediment from entering our storm drainage system which eventually drains to surrounding creeks and rivers. Main thoroughfares, collector and all residential streets are scheduled to be swept at least once per quarter. The downtown business district is scheduled to be swept twice each month (typically early mornings due to traffic). Seasonal weather conditions or special town events may temporally increase or decrease the actual street sweeping frequency. 

If you have any questions regarding our street sweeping program, please contact Wendell Public Works at 919-365-4822.