Wendell BackhoeThe Public Works staff routinely maintains various publicly used areas within the town’s corporate limits including right of ways and drainage ditch channels. The town also employs contract services to mow selected areas. During the grass growing season (March through October) areas maintained by town staff are normally mowed bi-weekly. Rain or dry conditions may dictate an increase or decrease of the mowing frequency.

The Town of Wendell has a maximum height limit for all residential and commercial properties of no greater than 8 inches for lots that are developed and no greater than 24 inches for undeveloped lots. When necessary, the town employs an outside contractor to mow any properties that exceed the maximum height limit and the property owner has failed to comply. The property owner is then charged for all costs incurred to provide the contractor’s services. These charges are usually much greater that costs if the work is performed by the property owner or if contracted directly by the owner. 

The mowing schedule for road right of ways maintained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is less frequent, usually two times per year. Mowing in these areas is the sole responsibility of the NCDOT. Should a resident have questions or concerns regarding road right of ways maintained by the NCDOT, please contact them at 919-733-3725.