Q: When is yard waste pickup scheduled for my street?

Yard waste pickup occurs every week.

Q: I have some bulky items which will not fit in my garbage cart. Will the Town pick up these items? 

A: Town of Wendell does not provide bulky waste pickup. Most items may be disposed of at the Convenience Centers operated by Wake County Solid Waste or other landfill sites located within Wake County. 

Q: How should I place my garbage and recycling carts at curbside?

Please place your garbage cart and recycling cart approximately 2-3 feet apart. This allows the mechanical arms to get between the carts for easier pickup. Never put your carts next to your mailbox or under low hanging trees or power lines.

Q: What is the holiday schedule for trash pickup?

There are 6 annual holidays which can affect your household solid waste and recycling pickup day. Those holidays are: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. If any of these holidays occur on your normal pickup day, your household waste will not be collected that day. A new schedule will be planned for that week only. Schedule changes will be posted to the website. During other holidays, your pickup day follows the regular schedule. Please have your garbage cart and recycling cart at the curb on your usual pickup day.

Q: My trash/recycling was not picked up. Who do I call?

Please call Waste Industries at 919-534-3701 as soon as you notice your pickup was missed.

Q: After my trash was collected this week, my garbage cart was broken and/or missing? How do I get a replacement cart?

Occasionally, the contractor will damage a cart during collection and take the damaged cart with him. If the collector does not take a broken cart, leave the cart on the right-of-way. Please call Waste Industries at 919-534-3701 and request a replacement cart.

Q: How do I dispose of construction debris, treated lumber, old decking, fence posts, hazardous waste, etc?

Construction debris and hazardous waste cannot be picked up by the Public Works staff. Hazardous waste and some construction debris may be taken to the Wake County Convenience Center on Wendell Boulevard for recycling. Construction debris not allowed at the convenience center may be donated or disposed of at a private facility. For more information on disposing of these items, please contact the Wake County Solid Waste Management Division at 919-856-6186 or at www.wakegov.com/recycling.

Q: Who do I call to remove a dead animal beside the road?

A: Please call Wendell Public Works at 919-365-4822 to report dead animals.  If the carcass is on a town-maintained street or right of way, we will remove it.  If it is on an NCDOT-maintained street, we will report it to their office for removal.

Q: Who do I contact to start/stop water service or if I have a problem with my water bill and/or service?

The City of Raleigh maintains the municipal water and sewer system for Wendell residents. For billing inquiries, call 919-996-3245. For water/sewer maintenance or emergencies, call 919-996-3245. For after hours emergencies, call 919-996-3245.

Q: The street light outside of my home/business is not working properly. Who do I call?

Please note the street pole number (metal tag on pole) and call Public Works at 919-365-4822. We will report the malfunction to Duke Energy. We will need to know if it is cycling off and on or if it is completely out. You can also contact Duke Energy at https://www.duke-energy.com/business/products/outdoor-lighting/request-light-repair.