Tall Grass/Weeds/Junk/Debris

Tall Grass/Weeds

Yard maintenance is the responsibility of every property owner and needs to include the maintenance of overgrown areas on a regular basis. Grass shall be kept trimmed below 8 inches. If properties within Town limits are not maintained and the grass height exceeds 8", a Notice of Violation (NOV) will be issued. The grass will need to be cut by the date specified in the NOV to avoid monetary penalties. These yard requirements are codified under the Town Code, Chapter 10, Article IV, Sec 104

Junk, Trash & Debris

Junk, trash and debris cannot be left in the yard and must be properly disposed of. This includes: junk; auto parts; appliances; furniture; building materials; tires; trash, such as discarded paper, cardboard, plastics, etc; and yard waste, such as tree trimmings and fallen limbs.The Wendell Town Code of Ordinances grants authority to the Wendell Town Manager or his designee to enforce the ordinance within the Town limits. These violations may be reported to the Code Compliance Enforcement Officer or noticed during their regular patrol. If junk, trash or debris is discovered, a Notice of Violation (NOV) may be issued and the materials would have to be removed in accordance with the Notice of Violation. Any individual that receives a Notice of Violation may appeal the NOV.

Remember, Code Enforcement is here to help. 

Questions: Contact our Code Compliance Officers:  Rick Mustian, (919) 365-4822 ext. 310, or Tarik Wilcox at (919)365-4822, ext. 317.