Code Compliance Enforcement


Goal: to help the citizens of Wendell maintain a safe, attractive, and family friendly atmosphere to live, work and enjoy life.  

The Town of Wendell wants its neighborhoods and structures to stay in good condition as they age. For most citizens, a home is the largest investment they will ever make. One function of Code Compliance Enforcement is to protect this investment. If the individual property owner is not maintaining their properties in accordance with the Ordinance requirements, Code Compliance Enforcement will enforce the building and zoning codes relevant to each situation.

If the Code Compliance Enforcement Officer determines there is a violation, the property owner will receive a Notice of Violation (NOV). The NOV will include information on how to correct the violation and a time frame in which the violation has to be corrected in order to avoid fines. If the property owner requests additional time to cure the violation(s), staff will review the request and will follow-up with the property owner once this determination is made. If the violation is not corrected, it may be subject to financial penalties in accordance with the Unified Development Ordinance.

The most common code violations include vehicles, trash, debris, and tall grass.

Concerned citizens may report suspected code violations to Daryl Hales,  Code Compliance and Public Works Superintendent, at (919) 365-4822 ext 126 or Rick Mustian, Code Enforcement Officer, at (919) 365-4822 ext 310