Public Works


Public Works leaf and limb service will continue, but with reduced staffing to allow for social distancing, work may take longer to complete. We recommend the following to allow for efficient service:

-Only place what yard waste out that you absolutely must get rid of, take a break on large projects as it may take longer for debris to be picked up.
-Keep piles small, condensed and neat. This will allow for speedier pickup with reduced staffing.
-Consider starting a compost pile for leaves, grass, mulch and other compostable items to reduce amount of debris at the curb. 
-Remember to not block street drains and to keep yard waste contained outside of the travel lanes. Code Enforcement may contact those who do not comply.


The Public Works Department strives to serve the best interests of the health and safety of the citizens and employees of the Town of Wendell. .The Public Works Department operations facility is located at 450 Lake Glad Rd. Public Works staff can be reached at 919-365-4822.