2-Hour Downtown Parking

2-Hour Parking Map

In order to provide adequate parking turnover to meet the community’s needs for mobility and economic development, the Town of Wendell will be incorporating 2-hour parking in select spaces beginning April 11, 2022 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. each day.

Parking shall be curbed to no more than 2 hours per space in the designated areas of either side of Main St. between Second St. and Fourth St. and either side of Third St. from Cypress St. to Pine St. The Town has added additional parking spots at several locations near downtown for lengthier customer visits and employees of local businesses.

To assist the community with this transition, Wendell PD will be notifying those in violation of the parking enforcement with warning tickets until April 11th, 2022. After April 11, 2022, parking tickets may be issued for those in violation of the 2-hour parking limits in the locations designated by signs. You can also see the map above for parking locations.

2-hour parking will be spaces that need convenient, short-term parking for people wanting to visit downtown for quick trips to our local businesses, giving more customers the opportunity to visit stores and restaurants! When more people park in the same space each day, businesses make more money. If one person parks in a space for a longer stretch of time, it deprives that business of having more customers throughout the day. Let’s help our local businesses by allowing spaces to become available to new and existing customers downtown!


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where will 2-hour parking be located?

Attached map indicates the location where 2-hour parking will be located. Signage will also be installed to indicate locations.

  • What happens if I park in a 2-hour parking location for longer than 2 hours?

Until April 11, 2022, you may receive a warning from Wendell Police Department. After April 11, 2022, you may receive a ticket which includes a $25 fine.

  • Where else can I park if I will be downtown for more than 2 hours?

Visitors can park at any other parking areas in downtown without a 2-hour parking limit sign for longer than 2 hours. See map for locations.

  • When did 2-hour parking become a rule?

2-hour parking restrictions have been included in the Code of Ordinances since 2007 under Section 24-94. This is the first time the Town will be implementing, educating and enforcing the rule.