Animal Control and Wildlife

 Wake County Animal ControlWake County Animal Control
919-856-6911 Animal reports
919-212-7387 Animal center
Enforce NC rabies laws.
Pick up lost or stray domestic animals.
Answer public nuisance calls involving dogs, cats, chickens, goats, cows, horses, etc.
Issue warnings or citations as necessary.
If animal is aggressive or falling or appears sick and not acting in a normal manner call Animal Control for evaluation.
Pick up bats inside the living quarters, or that have had human or animal exposure.
Respond to injured animals,animal bites, and aggressive animal calls
Sick or vicious wildlife that may be considered a rabies issue.
Enforcement assistance call with local police departments or sheriff's office.
Turnover animals that are owned(encourage to take to animal center).

Normal business hours 8:30-5:15 Monday through Friday
Emergency coverage 7 days a week after 4:30 Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8:30-5:15



N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission
NC Wildlife

Fox, raccoon, coyote, or skunk acting normal are wildlife issues. As well as outside issues with bats.
Some issues may be referred to a private firm for control.