Eastern Wake Crimestoppers

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Eastern Wake Crimestoppers pays cash rewards for anonymous tips that lead to arrest, the seizure of stolen property or illegal narcotics, or the solution to unsolved crimes. The program offers citizens an anonymous method for providing vital information to police about crime without fear of retaliation. Crimestoppers’ tips saves investigative time which increases police efficiency and saves tax dollars. The final result is a safer community that pro-actively fights crime.


Eastern Wake Crimestoppers is a nonprofit, 501 (c)(3) organization and is not a government agency or program. The organization is governed by a Board of Directors composed of volunteer citizens interested in combating crime and improving community safety. Crimestoppers operates through the cooperative efforts of the Wendell Police Department, Zebulon Police Department, Knightdale Police Department, Rolesville Police Department, the media, and civilian board. The Crimestoppers Coordinator is a sworn police officer, who manages the criminal information and reports to the civilian board about successful tips.


Citizens call our unrecorded and untraced phone number, (919) 366-CRIM(E) and provide tips about crime, WITHOUT REVEALING WHO THEY ARE. Before the caller hangs up, a secret code is issued. If the information leads to an arrest, seizure of drugs or stolen property, or reveals the solution to an unsolved crime, the caller becomes eligible for a reward. Their case is presented at the next monthly Board of Director's meeting. The Board decides how much reward is appropriate, based on the usefulness and value of the information. Cash is placed in an envelope marked with the caller's secret code. The envelope is left in a public location where money is commonly exchanged. This allows the caller to retrieve their reward using their secret code and not reveal their identity.


Rewards are funded by voluntary, tax-deductible donations from the community. Contributions are received throughout the year from businesses, civic organizations, and concerned individuals who want to do their part to fight crime. Since professional fund raisers are never used by Eastern Wake Crimestoppers, 100% of contributions benefit the program. Crimestoppers is a non-profit organization. It is supported solely by tax-deductible donations. To make a contribution, send your check to: Eastern Wake Crimestoppers, 15 East Fourth Street, Wendell, N.C. 27591. We only pay for information concerning incidents occurring in the city limits of Wendell, Zebulon Knightdale and Rolesville. If information is received for other areas it is forwarded to that agency. Crime doesn’t pay, but we do!