Zoning & Land Use

Zoning is a device of land-use planning designed to structure and organize permitted uses in the Town to protect and advocate for the health, safety and overall welfare of the general public. Zoning districts are mapped out to guide development and to ensure that adjacent zones do not present a nuisance to one another. Below you will find links to the Town of Wendell’s Zoning Map and a table listing permitted uses within each zone.

Identify Zoning of Property (3 Options):

  1. Online - Wake County I-MAPs
  2. Review Zoning Map
  3. Contact the Planning Department: 
    Telephone:            (919) 365-4448
    In - Person:            15 E. Fourth Street,  Wendell, NC  27591

A user friendly guide to identify zoning districts (using I-MAPs) can be found on the Planning Department’s FAQs page.


Zoning Districts, Land Use Table, & Land Use Chart by Zone

The following quick summary table shows land uses that are permitted, permitted subject to additional standards, require a special use permit orare not permitted each zoning district in Wendell: Zoning Districts & Use Table. Land Use Chart by Zone.


Zoning Map 

The above Zoning Map notes which Zoning District each parcel and property is located within. More information on each Zoning District found on the Zoning Map is listed within the Unified Development Ordinance (UDO)


Zoning Compliance Permit/Letters: 

The Planning Department offers zoning compliance letters upon request. Zoning compliance letters can be requested to include information such as the zoning of the property, what is permitted or discretionary in use in a particular zone, use of building is legal non-conforming, civic address, and legal description. A fee is charged for this service.        

The various zoning compliance permits/letters fees are available on the Planning Department fee schedule.