Technical Review Committee


The Technical Review Committee (TRC) is a group of Town staff and other reviewing agencies who collaboratively review and approve site plans and preliminary plats.   Upon receiving a development submittal, TRC members receive plans for individual review in advance of a joint meeting.  At the joint meeting, TRC members address all noted deficiencies or problems and identify solutions which adhere to the standards of all agencies present.  TRC member comments will be answered verbally by the applicant at the meeting, but should be addressed in written form as well.  This process saves time by avoiding unnecessary rounds of revisions, as well as allows for the group to engage in creative problem-solving when faced with conflicting standards or unusual circumstances.

Authority and Responsibility

The Technical Review Committee shall have the following duties and responsibilities:

  • To assist in the establishment of technical requirements for all applications, including: submission schedules, size and number of drawings, type of media, etc.;
  • To review and approve major site plans and preliminary plans for compliance with this Ordinance. In determining compliance with this Ordinance, the TRC may take the following actions:
  • Approve the site plan or preliminary plat as submitted (or with changes agreed to by the applicant at the meeting); or,
  • Deny the site plan or preliminary plat for non-compliance with this Ordinance; or,
  • Make recommendations to be considered by the applicant upon re-submittal to ensure compliance with this Ordinance; or,
  • Conditionally approve site plans or preliminary plats subject to final review by the Administrator; or,
  • Table the site plan or preliminary plat for further study or additional information.


The Technical Review Committee shall be chaired by the Planning Director (or their designee) and may consist of the following members:        

  • One Planning Board Member (ex-officio)
  • Planning
  • Utilities (Raleigh Water)
  • Fire Marshal
  • Fire Department
  • Public Works
  • Police
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Wake County Environmental Services
  • Town Engineer
  • Town Attorney
  • Other NC State and/or Federal agencies
  • In addition, the Chair may, at their discretion, or at the request of other TRC members, invite other administrative staff members from the following organizations to participate in the meetings. Such participants shall serve in an ex-officio capacity only.


The TRC generally meets the second Thursday of each month.  Meetings are canceled for those months in which no development submittals are received.   For the full schedule, see the residential development review application or the commercial development review application.