Pending Development



Anderson Farm Residential Proposed 200 single family & 106 townhomes  128.59 

Berridge Manufacturing

Non-Residential Proposed Office & warehouse  10.54 
Cardinal Charter Academy Non-Residential Under Construction Charter School  12.01 
Charthouse Self-Storage Non-Residential Proposed Self-Storage 1.73 
Edwards Property Residential Proposed 276 Single Family Homes 122.98 
The Glen at Hollybrook Residential Proposed 175 Single Family Homes  51.05 
The Groves at Deerfield Phase 4 Residential Under Construction 36 Single Family Homes 21.33 
Hardees Non-Residential Proposed Hardees Restaurant 1.25 
The Meadows at Hollybrook Residential Proposed 115 Single Family Homes 48.94
Olde Wendell Phase 2 Residential Under Construction 19 Single Family Homes 9.225 
SPC Mechanical Headquarters Non-Residential Proposed SPC Mechanical Headquarters & Office Complex 20.03 
Stone Arbor Residential Proposed 101 Townhomes 18.81 
Weathers Property Residential Proposed 275 Single Family & 99 Townhomes 151.81 
Wendell Crossing Residential Under Construction 49 Single Family Homes   13.87 
Wendell Falls Grocery Non-Residential  Proposed Grocery Store 7.71  
Wendell Falls Phase 7 Residential  Proposed 218 Single Family Homes  40.7 
Wendell Falls Phase 8A & 8B Residential Under Construction  110 Mix of Single Family & Townhomes  21.02
Wendell Falls Phase 9  Residential Proposed 325 Mix of Single Family & Townhomes 29.8
Wendell Falls Public Safety Center Non-Residential Under Construction Public Safety Center 2.76
Wendell Falls Treelight Apartments Residential Under Construction 288 Apartments in four 4-Story Buildings 12.9
Spaulding & Norris Eagle Rock Road Property  Residential  Proposed 83 Single Family & 85 Townhomes 38.99 
Fourth Street Townhomes Residential Proposed 12 Townhomes 1.06
Wendell Falls Townes Residential Proposed 78 Townhomes 15.79
Wendell Falls Collective Non-Residential  Proposed Establishing Commercial Lots for future development 138.7
Wendell Falls Treelight Square Non-Residential Proposed Establishing Commerical Lots for future development


Baynes Subdivision Residential Proposed 170 Single Family & 146 Townhomes


 For more information on current development projects see our interactive development map.


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