Downtown Facade Grant Program

Program Objective:           To provide financial incentives to business and property owners to assist them in façade preservation and restoration that demonstrates enhanced and superior appearance and aesthetic improvements to a business, neighborhood and/or frontage on the public right-of-way.

Eligible Improvements:    Exterior lighting; repair or purchase of new awnings; exterior painting; storefronts or facades repair; window repair or replacement; masonry repair; transom glass repair; replacement of architectural details or materials, and relocation of electrical wiring.

For the downtown façade grant program, facades are defined as an individual storefront or building side which faces the public right-of-way or is otherwise visible to the general public. For the purpose of this grant program, separate addresses within a single building may qualify as separate facades of one or more of the spaces tenants are applying for a grant(s) subject to the guidelines of the program.

Reimbursement Grant Amount:  Up to $1,000 based on project costs

Application Deadline(s):   First calendar day in January, April, July, and October

Send Submitted Applications:     Planning Department, 15 E. Fourth Street, Wendell, NC 27591

Downtown Facade Grant Application & Guidelines

Approved Applications/Projects: 

  • 11 & 13 W. Fourth Street (Completed) - New awning
  • 14 N. Main Street (Completed) - Replacement of awnings, new lighting, and painting
  • 402 Old Wilson Road (Completed) - Replacement of awning, painting, decorative lighting, and brick work
  • 104 W. Third Street (Completed) - Replacement of awning
  • 13 N. Main Street (Completed) - Replacement of entire front facade to have a more historically appropriate look
  • 102 W. Third Street (Completed) - Window replacement, awning, and light over door
  • 350 E. Fourth Street (Completed) - Replace roofing, siding, fascia and eaves; remove non-working AC units; brick work, and window replacement
  • 128 N. Main Street (Completed) - Replacement of Awning
  • 18 N. Main Street (Completed) - Replacement of Metal Awning with Fabric Awning
  • 100 W. Third Street (Completed) - Window Replacement
  • 7 W. Third Street (Completed) - Paint and Brick Work
  • 2 N. Main Street  (Completed) - Replacement of Awnings