Downtown Facade Grant Program

Wendell, NC was settled in the 1850’s and later incorporated in 1903. The Town was named after the poet Oliver Wendell Holmes. Historically, the town has primarily been an agrarian community which focused on tobacco farming. The rich soils of eastern Wake County brought new residents to the area and new economic opportunities. Soon after the town’s incorporation, Main Street was created, and the downtown area began to grow. Since this time, business and commerce has been concentrated within the downtown area.

The town has witnessed unprecedented growth over the past several years as new residents flock to Wake County due to jobs, access to health care, and amenities. The investment in Wendell has primarily occurred along Wendell Falls Parkway and along Wendell Boulevard. However, the downtown has also seen increased investment during this same time period. A healthy downtown is essential to a town’s economic, social, and cultural vitality.

The Downtown Façade Improvement Grant promotes the principles of a healthy community. The purpose of the facade grant is to encourage property owners and/or tenants to improve the buildings downtown and to provide ways to activate the built environment. Moreover, the Town wishes to encourage private investment by providing access to no-interest and no-repayment funds. These funds are to be used only for private property. The recently expanded program focuses on preservation, artistry, and placemaking. Additionally, the facade grant strives to promote a vibrant, charming, and unique experience in downtown Wendell.

For information on how to apply, and to view the application process, please visit our Policies page.