An important function of the Planning Department is to provide assistance to the United States Census Bureau in conjunction with the national census process. Once the census is completed, staff in conjunction with the Wake County analyzes the information at a regional/local level. This analysis is then used to provide for projections in population, housing, traffic congestion, pollution, employment, water and sanitation needs for the town. With the information that has been produced through coordination with the U.S. Census Bureau and the “NCTCOG” staff can produce projections and estimates for the Town of Wendell. The projections made by staff are one of the many tools that the town uses in preparing and adopting Town Policy. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Future Land Use Plan
  • Park Plan
  • Thoroughfare Plan
  • Housing Needs
  • Transportation Plan
  • Future Municipal Planning Needs
  • Voting Districts

Below is a brief demographic makeup overview for the Town of Wendell. Please also review the latest U.S. Census information and other resources below on the population, age, race, gender, income, social-economic data, and housing makeup.



Demographic and Housing Estimates (2015 American Community Survey)

Selected Housing Characteristics (2015 American Community Survey)

Occupancy Characteristics (2015 American Community Survey)

Commuting Characteristics (2015 American Community Survey)

General Population and Housing Characteristics (2010 Census)






Selected Economic Characteristics (2015 American Community Survey)

Industry Data by Sex (2015 American Community Survey)


If you need more specific demographic data, please contact the Planning Department for staff assistance at (919) 365-4448.