Sign Permits

The Town of Wendell Unified Development Ordinance Chapter 12  (SIGNS CHAPTER) regulates the amount and types of signage permitted and provides detailed information on signage requirements.  The purpose of these requirements are to permit signs of a commercial nature in zoning districts which 1) have appropriate land uses and; 2) regulate the size and placement of signs intended to be seen from a public-right-of-way in the interest of public safety and general welfare. Please note that non-permitted signage is strictly enforced by the Town of Wendell Code Enforcement Officer. 

Types of signage permits issued: 

  1. Permanent Signage 
  2. Temporary Signage

Types of Permanent Signage Requiring a Permit: 

  • Suspended Shingle Post Signs 
  • Walls Signs 
  • Canopy Signs 
  • Projecting Signs 
  • Monument Signs 
  • Decorative Flags  

Most signs also need a building permit. Generally, you are allowed one square foot of signage for each linear foot of building frontage. Please consult with Planning Department staff to see if a building permit will be required for your sign. 

Application for Permanent Sign Permit

Temporary Signs Requiring a Permit: 

  • Lighter-Than-Air Signs 
  • Seasonal Farm Product Signs 
  • Mobile Signs 
  • Non-profit Community and Civic Event Signs 
  • Banners and Pennants 
Temporary signs/banners announcing a grand opening or special event are allowed for a limited time period. These temporary signs do require a temporary sign permit, which are valid for 10 days. Each business or entity is allowed up to a maximum of four (4) temporary sign permits per each calendar year. 

Application for Temporary Sign Permit 

Signs not Requiring a Permit:

  • Any sign that is required by law 
  • Business or House Number Signs 
  • Directional and Information Signs 
  • Bulletin Boards 
  • Construction Signs 
  • Subdivision Advertising Signs 
  • Governmental Flags, Banners, Signs and Insignias 
  • Temporary Political Signs 
  • Holiday Decorations and Civic Event Signs 
  • Real Estate Signs 
  • Realtor and Non-Realtor Open House Signs, Yard Sale Signs and Special Event Signs 
  • Signs inside a building 
  • Ballpark Signage 
  • Memorial Signs & Date Blocks 
  • Sandwich Board Signs 
  • Traffic Control Signs on Private Property 
  • Murals or Wall Art 


Please note this is an abbreviated and general list subject to change. Review of Chapter 12 of the Wendell Unified Development Ordinance is highly recommended to obtain more details on signage requirements. You may also contact the Planning Department at (919) 365-4448 for any questions.