Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment (BOA) is a quasi-judicial administrative body that operates on a level between the enforcement officers of the Town and the courts.  This citizen board is elected by the Board of Commissioners from members of the town’s corporate limits and extra-territorial jurisdiction.  The purpose of the Board of Adjustment is to perform administrative review and to rule upon variance requests submitted to the town. 


Member Name Term Expires
John Narron - Chair June 30, 2015
Mike Harrison – Vice Chair June 30, 2014
Gaynell Gull June 30, 2014
Mary Chatherine Phillips June 30, 2014
Curt Phipps June 30, 2014
 Gail Royster June 30, 2015
 Arthur Whittington June 30, 2015

 Staff Liaison: David Bergmark, AICP, Planner, (919) 365-4448

Public Participation

The Board of Adjustment meetings are open to the public.  Due to the irregular nature of variance and administrative appeal requests, the Board of Adjustment has no regular meeting schedule.  BOA meetings are scheduled by Planning Staff on a case by case basis, based upon the availability of the applicant and Board of Adjustment members.