Pyles Combat Fighting  (Suspended Due to Covid 19)
Theater - Raleigh Little Theater   Suspended Due to Covid 19
Bird Watching  (Every Second Saturday of the Month at 8:00 am at Wendell Park)

Yoga with Lynn Hooten  (Thursday Nights from 6-7 pm  $10 per class)  Suspended Due to Covid 19


Community Garden

The Community Garden is a fun way to learn, grow and meet new gardeners. We hope you find this to be an enjoyable and fun experience, while meeting new people of the the same interest. Our gardeners love the team aspect of gardening together for the common goal of growing something that we can also share at the table. We love sharing ideas, recipes and time together. 2018 was our first year of the Community Garden. we learned a lot in our first year and we hope to make each year better. Our gardeners have visited lots of Community Gardens and learned all sorts of innovative ways to garden, but we really liked working together versus personal garden plots. It allowed us to grow in rows and share more vegetables. We plan to continue this process in the future. That means we share the work, we share the vegetables and we share the love of gardening. We also share the extra produce with local church pantries in Wendell. To be a member of our Community Garden we have a small fee of $15 to be paid annually. We do have two growing seasons in the sunner and fall. Anyone that is interested can join! There is no age limit, however we do ask that kids be school age to participate. 
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2021 Summer camps to be determined
Track-Out Camp
Baseball - 2021
* Baseball and Softball Camp July 12-15, 2021
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