Men's Polar Bear Softball Tournament

The Polar Bear Adult Men's Slow Pitch Wood Bat Tournament is November 2, 2019. The entry fee is $225.00 per team. To enter a team in the 2019 tournament Polar Bear Entry Form.  If you have any questions, please email Kelley Connolly or call 919-366-2266.

Wendell Parks and Recreation hosted it’s 11th Polar Bear Softball Tournament on Saturday, November 3, 2018.  This is a very unique tournament, since the Men must use a wooden softball bat.  All the tournaments during the year are played with composite bats that are high priced for the results of the long ball, but this tournament brings back what the game of softball is all about – defense.  We had 7 teams play for this year’s title – Twelve Gate Landscaping, The Naturals, The Warranty Center, Willies Boys, Wasting Time, Poor Boys and Alphin Farms.  We played a double elimination tournament and the tournament was played at Carver Elementary Fields.  The Carver fields both have a 240 foot fence.  So, the homeruns were definitely in play.  Therefore we limited every game to a 5 homerun limit per game. We did have one team hit 4 homeruns, but the 5 homerun limit never came into play.  It was a great tournament and we hope to see everyone back next year.   

After 12 ball games Alphin Farms were crowned the 2018 Polar Bear Champions.     

 2018 Polar Bear Champions

2018 Champions - Alphin Farms
Front Row:  Josh Beddingfield, Cody Alphin, Tyler Hicks, Thomas Edmundson, and Kyle Boyette
Back Row:  Scott Graley, Brian Mills, Jeremiah Feilen, Kevin Petty, Ryan Carey, Michael Green, and Jason Murray 


Willies Boys 14, Wasting Time 2
The Naturals 6, Twelve Gate Landscaping 3
Alphin Farms 18, The Warranty Center 3
Willies Boys 15, Poor Boys 0
Alphin Farms 17, The Naturals 0
Twelve Gate Landscaping 10, The Warranty Center 8
The Naturals 2, Wasting Time 1
Poor Boys 12, Twelve Gate Landscaping 2
Alphin Farms 7, Willies Boys 4
Poor Boys 12, The Naturals 5
Willies Boys 8, Poor Boys 5
Alphin Farms 4, Willies Boys 2