Men's Polar Bear Softball Tournament

The 2022 Polar Bear Adult Men's Slow Pitch Wood Bat Tournament was November 5, 2022. The entry fee is $225.00 per team.  If you have any questions, please email Kelley Connolly or call 919-366-2266.

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Past Tournament Champions

This was the 15th year of the Polar Bear.  7 teams played in this year’s tournament. 

The Polar Bear’s unique feature is that all the teams must bat with a wooden bat.  Therefore, playing on a 240 foot fence, means that the softball does not get hit over the fence that often.  Also, the temperature can play a big part in the game, but it did not this year.  It was very warm and 72 degrees. We did inforce a 5 homerun rule per game.  We did have a few homeruns, but not as many as one would expect.  Turn2 Electric did get their money's worth out of the tournament and played 6 games to win the tournament.  They had to play the 4 times champions Alphin Farms 3 times to win the tournament.  Congratulations Turn2 Electric!!!


2022 Polar Bear Champion

 2022 Champion - Turn2 Electric
Turn2 Electric 5, 2nd Family 0
Hot Shots 11, Mean Machines 3
Alphin Farms 12, G-Crew 3
Turn2 Electric 13, Angry Ballz 6
Alphin Farms 12, Hot Shots 6
Mean Machines 8, 2nd Family 3
Angry Ballz 7, G-Crew 4
Hot Shots 13, Mean Machines 11
Alphin Farms 7, Turn2 Electric 6
Turn2 Electric 7, Angry Ballz 6
Turn2 Electric 10, Alphin Farms 0
Turn2 Electric 13, Alphin Farms 3