Men's Polar Bear Softball Tournament

The 2022 Polar Bear Adult Men's Slow Pitch Wood Bat Tournament is November 5, 2022. The entry fee is $225.00 per team.  If you have any questions, please email Kelley Connolly or call 919-366-2266.

2022 Polar Bear 

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Past Tournament Champions

Polar Bear Recap from 2021

This was the 14 year of the Polar Bear.  4 teams played in this year’s tournament.  Each team was guaranteed 4 games.  We started out with a round robin (everyone plays each other 1 time), then we seeded them from those games and played a single elimination tournament.  After the round robins, Angry Ballz were 3-0, Alphin Farms were 2-1, Scrubs were 1-2 and 2nd Family were 0-3. 

Angry Ballz defeated 2nd Family in the first game of the elimination by a score of 17-3.  In the second game Alphin Farms defeated Scrubs 16-12 in 8 innings.  The score was ties 12-12 after 7 innings and it took an extra inning for Alphin Farms to score 4 more runs in the top of the 8th inning.  The championship game was now set between Angry Ballz and Alphin Farms.  Team Alphin Farms did however play great defense and win the tournament by a score of 11-4 defeating Angry Ballz in 7 innings. With this win Alphin Farms has now won the Polar Bear 4 years in a row. 

The Polar Bear’s unique feature is that all the teams must bat with a wooden bat.  Therefore, playing on a 300 foot fence, means that the softball does not get hit over the fence that often.  Also, the temperature can play a big part in the game, as it did this year.  It was very cold and windy all day. The high for the entire day was 52 degrees and then you factor in the wind, it was bitter cold and almost impossible to hit one over the fence.  Not so for Taylor Griswold.  He hit 2 homeruns in game 3 against the Scrubs. He also, plays for the Alphin Farm team.  Congratulation to Taylor Griswold and team Alphin Farms, 2021 Polar Bear Champions. 

Team members for Alphin Farms:  Matt Bunn, Jake Young, Cody Alphin, Mike Green, Jordan Daniels, Jon Liles, Taylor Griswold, Tanner Griswold, Dylan McCleod, Phillip Liles, Patrick Pearce, Josh Beddingfield, and Kyle Boyette.   

 2021 Champion - Alphin Farms
Angry Ballz 7, Scrubs 5
Alphin Farms 7, 2nd Family 5
Alphin Farms 7, Scrubs 3
Angry Ballz 6, 2nd Family 5
Scrubs 6, 2nd Family 5
Angry Ballz 9, Alphin Farms 3
Angry Ballz 17, 2nd Family 3
Alphin Farms 16, Scrubs 12
Alphin Farms 11, Angry Ballz 4