Welcome to Wendell Economic Development

The Town of Wendell, North Carolina has experienced moderate growth in recent years. The Town’s population growth, combined with an availability of land, access to I-87, and proximity to Raleigh, competitively position Wendell as a location for the next wave of development within the Research Triangle Park region. With the recent growth, the Town has become more attractive to young professionals, families and retirees looking for a place to call home with proximity to everything the region offers. With the recent growth, the time is right to develop a new economic development strategic plan. The Economic Development Assessment completed in June of 2019 serves as the basis of the strategic plan.

This economic development plan will serve as a framework for the Town’s economic development effort. The goal of the plan is to build a plan that adapts to trends in economic development, resilient to changes in economic conditions and creates a foundation to ensure a sustainable and long-term growth that enriches Wendell’s economic and tax base.

 Economic Development Strategic Plan

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