Co-Ed Volleyball

Co-Ed Volleyball Schedule for Spring 2017


In our first year of Summer Co-Ed Volleyball some familiar faces won our end of the season tournament.  Using most of the same players that won the Spring Co-ed Volleyball tournament (then Passed the Age), now Big Bumpers took the championship again.  Most of these players have accumulated 4 strait Co-Ed Volleyball tournament championships at Wendell Parks and Recreation.  As the 3 seed, the Bumpers had to defeat the number two seed (Gold Diggers) and finally the top seeded Notorious D.I.G. to win another championship.  If you think you have a team that can challenge for the crown, join us in the spring of 2017!  Registration Deadline will be March 17th.  The fee is $250 per team.   Congratulations to the Big Bumpers for a great tournament!  Thank you all for playing!

Co-Ed Volleyball Rules

The Wendell Parks and Recreation Department has two Co-Ed Volleyball Leagues and would like to invite your team to participate.  One season is in the Spring and the registration deadline is March 17th.  The second season is in the Summer and the registration deadline for that date is Thursday, July 20th, 2017.  The team entry fee for the league is $250.00.  If you are interested in participating this spring or Summer,  please fill out the enclosed form and return it to the Parks and Recreation Department by mail or in person.  At least half the entry fee must be paid by this date, in order to reserve a spot in the league.  The coaches meeting will be held on the first Tuesday after the deadline at  6:30 pm in the Wendell Community Center to discuss league rules, receive game schedules, etc.  Seasons begin the last week of March and The first week of August. 

Games will be played on Monday and Thursday nights.  If you have any questions, please contact Wendell Parks and Recreation at (919) 366-2266.

Mail registration and entry fee to:
Spring Co-Ed Volleyball
Wendell Parks and Recreation Dept.
15 E. Fourth St.
Wendell, NC 27591

Or come by in person:
Wendell Community Center
601 W. Third Street
Wendell, NC 27591