Athletic Brochure

This brochure has all of the athletics that are run through Wendell Parks and Recreation for both youth and adults.


Youth Athletics 

Spring Baseball (Boys ages 7-14 as of 5/1/current year)
Spring Softball (Girls ages 7-12 as of 1/1/current year)
Spring T-Ball (Co-Ed ages 3-6 as of 5/1/current year)
Fall Baseball (Boys ages 7-14 as of 5/1/of next year)
Fall Softball (Girls ages 7-12 as of 1/1/of next year)
Girls Volleyball (7-14 year old as of 9/1/of current year)
Summer Basketball (Boys 9-17 year old as of 1/1/of next year)
Tiny Basketball (3-4 year old as of 8/1/current year)  
Girls Fall Youth Volleyball (Girls 9-14 as of October 15th of the current year)
Winter Youth Basketball (Boys and Girls ages 5-17 as of 1/1/of next year)
Youth Coaching Information

Baseball and Softball:  Tar Heel Leagues, Inc Rules

Adult Athletics

Church Softball
Co-Ed Volleyball
Men's Basketball
Co-Ed Softball
2016 Co-Ed Softball Tournament
Polar Bear Men's Softball Tournament 
Beach Co-Ed Volleyball
Adult Women's Fast Pitch Softball 

Tournament Central

Tar Heel District Tournaments
Tar Heel State Tournaments
Youth Winter Basketball 
Youth Summer Basketball
SWAC Basketball
SWAC Baseball
SWAC Softball